Since the beginning, I’ve used my art with very specific creative intention, to manifest those things most fundamentally important to my life. Mid-30s, divorced and terribly broken, all I wanted was to find a loving partner and start a family. I spent two years obsessively painting the silhouette of the woman of my dreams. After 35 of these paintings, I met someone … and she looked exactly like the woman in the paintings. We endeavored to start a family and faced enormous difficulties. Three miscarriages in one year nearly took us both down. And so, totally desperate, I made a series designed exclusively to bring our child fourth. Our son arrived on the next attempt. Magic? I don’t know. I love the process and trust the results. 

I love the simplicity and specificity of Meo products. The idea of repurposing my artwork exhilarates me on several levels - it adds new life and direction to my creative impulses and provides a high functionality to a population I would never encounter. 

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