How do I know which label size I should buy?

Since Meo labels are designed uniquely for the specific Mac laptop charger size, this a very important question to ask!  And there's an easy answer:

Remember, you are buying a label for the charger, not the charger itself.  If you know the model and size of the laptop, you can refer to our handy little chart, below. Or, you can take a look at the charger itself - on the side, next to the plug, you'll see a number followed by a "W", indicating the wattage.  And there you go! 

If you make a mistake, don't worry - our exchange policy is very friendly. We want you to love and display proudly that You're in Charge! 


How do I apply my Meo laptop label?

How do I apply my Meo charger block and USB labels?


Return Policy

What's your return Policy?

Our return policy is very friendly.  Of course, we would love to provide you with an exchange, instead of a return; sometimes, though, returning is just best.  If your Meo label is defective in any way, we will provide a full refund. There is no need to return your labels to us; however, we do ask that you take a photo of the defective labels, and send to returns@shopmeo.com.  Please click here to complete our return form. 

What is your exchange policy?

Again- friendly!  If you bought, or received, the wrong size label, and would like to exchange it for the correct size, please click here to complete our exchange form.  Same for exchanging for a different design - click here to complete our exchange form. Please note that we will exchange only new, unopened Meo packages and you will be responsible for the cost of both returning to us the package, and shipping out to you a replacement.  Click here to complete our exchange form. 

What if I applied my label incorrectly?

Oops!  You do need to take time and care - and pay attention - when applying your Meo label. And we know mistakes can happen.  We are happy to offer Meo customers a one-time opportunity to try again. We will send to you replacement labels, in the same size and with the same design. No need to return your labels - please just take a picture of what went wrong, and send it to oops@shopmeo.com. You will be responsible for the shipment of your replacement labels. Click here to complete our form. 

I have submitted an Exchange or Replacement form but have not yet paid for the shipping of my new label. How do I do that?

Simply click here to select the shipping method for your new labels after you submit the Exchange or Replacement form.

What if I want to purchase a Meo label as a gift? 

Fabulous! What a kind and thoughtful gift! We are working on automating our gift card feature, so, in the mean time, please ask the lucky recipient to visit our website and let you know the correct label size and design. Then come on back and place your order, letting us know to whom, and where, to ship.

Do you ship anywhere in the world?

We do!  Shipping charges will vary, of course. 

How are Meo labels shipped? 

For delivery addresses in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, we ship using USPS Priority 3-Day delivery. Shipping is a flat rate for up to three (3) Meo envelopes. Orders placed after 3:00pm, Central, will be shipped the following business day. 

We ship worldwide - service and prices will vary. Orders placed after 3:00pm Central Time will be shipped the following business day.

How do I replace my Meo label with another awesome Meo label?

Easily! Just peel off, slowly, your current label. (You'll have to remove the smaller label on the pull-out separately, since it's on its own.) If there's any residue left behind, you can wipe it off with a bit of alcohol or Goo Gone, found in many households. Then just apply your new Meo label - slowly and carefully, making sure the tabs are lined up properly and the label is "square" on the charger. (See above diagram.)