MEO custom decals for iPhone, iPad and Mac laptop chargers.

You can print one, two, ten, 100 or even 1,000! The design possibilities are, truly, limitless. Whatever you can design or imagine, we can do! (Ok, perhaps there are a few limitations, but not many!) You can use your own design/artwork, use one (or more!) from our MEO Design Library, or our fabulous Creative Director, Katharine, can design something for you. (Design fees apply, of course.)




While we work hard to beta-test our online customization platform, please contact us here for any and all customization requests and/or questions.

Which Meo product would you like to customize?*

See below for examples

iPhone - labels for the 5W USB wall charger and the lightning cableiPhone/iPad Combo - labels for the 5W USB wall charger, the lightning cable and the iPad chargerMultiPack - labels for iPhone/Apple Watch charger, iPad charger and each Mac laptop charger

Thank you! We look forward to customizing MEO decals for you. After all, You’re in Charge!